Blog Agency

The Agency part of Blogger Studios includes Services, Advertising for products that match our brand, and Influencer/Brand Connections.


Blog Academy

Our Blog Academy is a series of Workshops and tutorials to educate people in launching a blog and running a business. We cover topics from web design, photography + videography, branding, design, accounting + legal, community growing, business organization, tools of the business, social media + marketing, and everything in between.


A Message From The Founder:

Blogger Studios was started out of my passion for helping people pursue their dreams. I’ve seen too many people held back from their full potential because they didn’t have the tools to start. I understand the struggle of learning everything from photography to web design and anything in between. There were days where I wanted to quit Photoshop because it was so overwhelming but I’m so glad I pushed through it because now it’s one of the tools that helped me accel forward in my career. This goes for web design, networking, photography, and business in general as well. It isn’t easy to learn these things but as an entrepreneur, we have to know a bit of everything to make it. I’m here to make your lives easier and teach you, in easy terms, how to kickstart your blog and brand.

Personally, I’ve had a few brands over the years including @PixieDarlings & @GraceBelle (which are still running strong). I’ve experienced everything from launching a new brand to growing a team and collaborating with brands. I’m here to bring everything I learned and share it with you so you can reach your full potential.

Can’t wait to work with you!
xoxo, Lorina Daiana