How To Format Instagram Captions With Spaces


Instagram is one of the more visual social media platforms out there yet it seems to have trouble creating a basic line break in captions. It is an issue which we have seen for a long time now but thankfully we found a solution!

Do you want to learn how to go from a smooshed together caption to one that is broken up into sections?

The secret is pasting in an invisible space into the empty rows! What is this magical space??? See for yourself! Copy the space from in between these quotes “⠀” and paste it in an empty row.

Here’s how:


Step 1: Copy the empty space from between the quotes

Step 2: Head to your post and press “return” twice to create 2 rows (very important that it’s 2)

Step 3: Paste the empty space in both of the rows

*Tip: Paste this spacer into your notes for easy access.


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