Instagram Released Automatic Post Scheduling

GASP! We have been waiting for the moment for Instagram Posts to post themselves and it’s finally here! Owning multiple brands made it hard to keep track of all our scheduled posts and pushing them live to Instagram. We had to make it easy on our team by scheduling the same time of day to make it convenient. Finally, Instagram is giving permission to the scheduling platforms to automatically post for us!


Our favorite scheduling platform for Instagram is Planoly, a visual planning & marketing platform. Read our previous blog post on tips to Scheduling With Planoly to learn more about the platform.



The great thing is you can be more specific with your scheduling times now! If your posts do best at 12pm on Tuesdays but at 10am on Wednesdays, you can now schedule it perfectly without it being inconvenient when you have to post.

Keep an eye on Planoly to see when they’ll release it, should be sometime this week!

** Update: They’ve released it! Read more about it here.



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