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Isn’t it strange how almost every social platform is link friendly except for Instagram? Instagram allows only one link in your profile which many people update often depending on their posts. There are a few programs and apps out there that now create one link as a landing page for the rest of their links. We tried a few of them with our Grace Belle blog and nothing was quite what we were looking for. A big reason we didn’t like most of them was because they had their own url in the link which led to less clicks from our audience. They also didn’t have a beautiful layout and our website was all about aesthetic branding. After searching for a long time we finally found a company we love!

We give you LYNX;


LYNX allows you to customize your link screen to match your brand AND lets you create a custom link (ours is They also have analytics built in so you can keep track of how many clicks you’re getting and learn more about who’s clicking on them.



This is all available in the pro version which is only $5 a month or $40 a year! They do have a free version as well, take a look at the breakdown of the two options here.




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